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The Process

Experience tells us

that it is critical for each project when sourcing from China & Vietnam, that certain steps must be followed to ensure a successful and satisfactory outcome. Sometimes these steps can vary but typically, they will involve ;
  • At enquiry stage, understand customer’s requirements and objectives
  • Review specifications
  • Determine project suitability
  • Identify capable, genuine and accredited manufacturing partners
  • Seek and manage quotations
  • Undertake Quality & Capability Audits using our Asia team.
  • Request & obtain samples for approval/test.
  • Agree packaging requirements
  • Oversee and follow the agreed Quality Assurance process during manufacture and loading of shipments
  • Agree financing parameters and finance the product pipeline
  • Pipeline material according to customers requirement
  • Manage logistics, documentation and flow of product to customers premises
  • Monitor supply chain progress
  • Manage financial and communications flow

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